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Horses and Other Animals

We have over 40 Horses all with different skills and personalities trained for film and TV, with many different breeds such as Large Belgium Ardennes, Arabs, right down to small Shetland ponies. What ever your needs we can supply you with a fully trained horse for the job.

Cindy has been working with most animals including owning over 40 horses and  for many years supplying many different types and sizes such as giant African land snails for the production of Merlin, tame mountain goats on the side on Snowdon, in typical Welsh mountain weather or Phoenix, a large horse in the live stage show An Infinite line by David Carradine in the Brighton arts Festival

We all know health and safety is paramount on any production. So all our staff are fully trained for working with horses and animals both on and off the film set, we also have a qualified risk assessment officer and hold a performing animals licence.

Any type of animal that you need we can supply and will have a trained handler with all the health & safety regulations needed .We hold the performing animals licence.

No job is too small, no animal is too small, with our friendly handlers we can tackle any job required on a film set or on stage.

Here are a few photos of some of our horses and animals.