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Previous Credits

Below is a list of our previous credits.



Guns Gems & Steel Armourer & Stunt Coordinator
Who killed Alexandra the Great Stunt Coordinator
Who killed Julius Caesar Reconstruction
Monarchs of England Stunt man & Reconstruction
Rebels & Red Coats Horse Master & Stunt man
King Herod Stunt Coordinator
Oliver Cromwell Horse Master & Stunt man
Spear of Christ Stunt man
Time Team Historical Advisor
The Battle of Bosworth Stunt man
Retreat from Moscow Stunt man
Spartans Stunt man
Waterloo Horse Master
Lost Legions of Varus Horse Master
Kings & Queens Horse Master
Welsh Princes Horse Master



The Peterloo Massacre Horse Master & Stunt man
The Regency House Party Horse Master & Sword Master
Elizabeth the Virgin Queen Stunt man
Oliver Twist Weapons Supplier
Queen Victoria's men Horse Master & Stunt Rider
Elite Cops Weapons Supplier
Eldaterra Stunt Coordinator, Weapons Supplier & Stunt Team
Bradford Riots Horse Supplier
Merlin & The Crystal Cave Horse Supplier, Groom & Stunt Double
Y Graith  
Y Parc  
Cerddwn ymlaen  


Feature Films

Robin Hood Stunt Rider
First Knight Horse Master
Willow Horse Master
Merlin Horse Supplier
The Keep  
King Authur  
The Three Musketeers  
Dragon Slayer